Trying to listen while not giving a fuck


Un orchestre norvégien, un design numérique, et une bloggeuse qui gagne sa vie en faisant des speedruns de jeux vidéos. Tout le public porte des écouteurs, et choisit un des trois personnages à suivre...trois perspectives uniques sur une histoire déroutante. 

A dying orchestra, an award-winning videogame design, and a teen blogger who makes her living speed-running video games.  The entire audience wears headphones, and chooses one of three characters to follow, each representing a unique perspective on these strange events. In between scenes, audience will hear a private commentary from their chosen character, giving three possible paths for the audience experience. Trying to Listen is a technology-driven drama exploring a cross-country father-daughter relationship in the wake of the death of family. This production asks why sometimes those we love the most are the hardest to talk to, and whether we can really know ourselves.

Jon Lachlan Stewart - writer, director, sound design
Jonathan Kawchuk - music composition
Daryl Hubert - soundengineering and additional sound design
Jon Cleveland - lighting design
Amanda Goldberg - assistant mise en scène
Hilaire St Laurent - actor Jonathan Pym
Paul Ahmarani - actor David
Mounia Zazham - actor Viola
ZoneHoma 2018, Montréal


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