Gene Cody is an ambient musician who’s never been able to fall in love. Obsessed with his two best friends’ romantic relationship, Gene records the lovers’ conversations, creating a concept album based on their lives. Soon, his intervention tears the relationship apart, and exposes what’s real and false in love. With each audience wearing a pair of headphones, this technology-based production allows you to choose who to follow through pre-recorded asides given by each character. 3 different plays, happening all at once. 

A part of CATALYST THEATRE’S inaugural creator-in-residence program

Written and directed by JON LACHLAN STEWART, sound design by JONATHAN KAWCHUK and AARON MACRI, projection design by MATTHEW SCHUURMAN, costumes and set design by CORY SINCENNES, lighting design by MEGAN KOSHKA, stage managed by GIL MICIAK, featuring JAMIE CAVANAGH, LAURA METCALFE and COLE HUMENY



An exploration of six literary works of Jean Paul Sartre, adapted to the stage by six Edmonton playwrights, in a bilingual, Surreal production.

At C103, Edmonton, December 2013

Written by Nicole Moeller, Jason Chinn, Darrin Hagen, Amber Borotsik, Jon Lachlan Stewart, and Josee Thibeault

Directed by Dave Horak



Creators Vincent Forcier and Jon Lachlan Stewart take the two stories they grew up with, Le Petit Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and mash them up in a dance based exploration of childhood, death, and love. Presented as a part of Surreal’s residency with Mile Zero Dance.

Created and performed by Vincent Forcier and Jon Lachlan Stewart

Special thanks to Ainsley Hillyard, Dave Horak and Nancy MacAlear




Two demon children are born after a violent attack. A woman confronts the ghost of her deceased husband. A capitalist go-getter is dropped from the mouth of a story. A trilogy of silent plays about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

On tour to Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringes, 2012

Created by Jon Lachlan Stewart, Vincent Forcier, Joelle Prefontaine and Byron Martin

Directed by Vincent Forcier


A 12-year-old boy witnesses a brutal shooting on the Vancouver Skytrain, and is here to retell it for you, the audience, in the style of his favorite action movies. Through slow-mo’s, freezeframes and timelapses, the boy pieces an intricate puzzle together which exposes the veneer of his cinematic fantasy, and reveals a shocking reality.

Big Shot has toured Canada since 2008 to multiple fringes, curated festivals, theatre seasons, and has been nominated for several different awards, including best independent production, best performance, and best lighting design

Written and performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed by Georgina Beaty

Sound design by Dave Clarke

Projection design by Matthew Schuurman and Paul Bezaire

Production managed by Paul Bezaire

Lighting and set design by Cory Sincennes 



Clint Foster, a Canadian Peacekeeper, is shot in Afghanistan. In the moment between the bullet being fired and reaching his head, Clint speaks to his 18-year-old Grandfather, serving in the second world war, and his 25-year-old mother, helping American deserters hide out in BC, to find links and cycles from the past to explain and expose his unintended war crime. Presented by Azimuth Theatre in 2011

Written and directed by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Production design by Marie Muggeridge

Sound design by Scott Shpelley

Dramaturged by Vern Thiessen

Featuring Ryland Alexander, Ben Wheelwrigh and Candace Berlinguette


Lupus is infected with a disease scrambling his memory. Eager for an answer, he enters into the archival evidence of his parents, returning to the 50’s to investigate his father’s experimental psychological treatments of his mother, Vally Bright. Posing as the household Dog, Lupus is trying to prevent his own birth.

Written by JON LACHLAN STEWART, Directed by BRADLEY MOSS, Production design by CORY SINCENNES, projections by PAUL BEZAIRE, makeup by TATA TUVIERA, featuring VINCENT FORCIER, JON LACHLAN STEWART and SARAH SHARKEY, as well as 8 voice over actors, and AMBER BISSONNETTE, NIKOLAI WITCHL and STUART HOYE



A breath in the black. A man listening to his own voice from 20 years ago. Three heads in urns’ rant their infidelity. 8 of Samuel Beckett’s short plays, directed by 8 Edmonton based directors. Presented at the Varscona Theatre, December of 2010.

Written by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Vincent Forcier, Jon Lachlan Stewart, Dave Horak, Ainsley Hillyard, Elizabeth Hobbs, Mike Kennard, Sandy Nichols, and Mitchell Cushman 





The Angel of Death has lost his wings, and is giving up his job. In a farewell performance for the world, he has hired four Victorian performers to sing and dance his final rest in peace. 10 songs about death in a macabre cabaret!

Written by Joel Crichton

With Additional songs and lyrics by Vincent Forcier and Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed by Vincent Forcier


Production managed and Stage managed by BETH DART




In the 1871 commune of Paris, Didier escapes the army to hide out in the bohemian district, where Arneau attempts to convert sinners. Both men fall helpless for the mysterious Eleanor, a woman writing to both of them from the attic of their downtrodden apartment. A bohemian fantasy.

Written by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed by Aaron Mackenzie

Production design by Maya Jarvis

Featuring Vincent Forcier, Jon Lachlan Stewart and Leah Doz



Angela Downer has just lost her boyfriend, Hope. Freak, her jealous Cat, is trying to save her, but instead, she runs out into the world, finding the first love-cure, in the form of an Edmonton clubber, Pump. All the while, trying to save the mourning puppy nextdoor, an abused canine named Les. A mix of Shakespearean verse, rave culture, and love drama, Twisted Thing is possibly the strangest Surreal SoReal creation, premiered at the Edmonton fringe in 2006

Written by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed by Aaron Talbot

Production design by Maya Jarvis

Featuring Vincent Forcier, Jon Lachlan Stewart, Ryan Ash, Kisa Mortenson


Two lovers have no idea whether they’re gerbils, or humans. These same two lovers recount and confirm the existence of an alternate world run by the emperor of shadows. These same two lovers are now actors doing a play figuring out what play they’re in. A schizophrenic kaleidoscope exploring love, and playing.

Directed by Vincent Focier

Featuring Leah Doz and Jon Lachlan Stewart




Cresh, Tubix, Morelle and Tilly are four marionettes who tour a live performance to various villages. One day, the Miracle Four escape their maker, landing in Bowble, a city of sin which tears apart their friendship, and teaches them the origins of their birth. An expressionist, hyper physical play

Grumplestock’s premiered in the 2005 Edmonton Fringe, and carried on to Workshop West’s Canoe Festival in 2010

Written by Kevin Jesuino, Trish Lorenz, and Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed by Clinton Carew

Production design by Cory Sincennes

Makeup by Tata Tuviera

Featuring Vincent Forcier, Jesse Gervais, Jon Lachlan Stewart, and Kristi Hansen 



Johnny Boy has the ability to see the next day of his life in his dreams. Waking in front of an audience, he pieces together the future…a dark series of events linked to his rebellious past, his neurotic obsession with the city, and his affinity for punk rock and violence.

Little Room is Surreal SoReal Theatre’s premiere production, playing in the 2004 Edmonton Fringe. Little Room was remounted for a victory lap in the 2011 Edmonton Fringe, with new direction and text revisions.

Written and performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart

Directed and dramaturged by Vincent Forcier

Stage managed and production managed by Nicholas Mayne